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Name: Steerpike (but if you want to flatter him, call him Master Steerpike), goes by a few aliases, including Sylvio, Squire and George Wickham.
Fandom: Gormenghast
Media: Originally a HUGE novel trilogy, but we'll say he's from the TV Miniseries for convenience purposes.
Played by Wil
Physical description: Steerpike is a much more sympathetic character than in the book. In Titus Groan he has only been in the kitchen for a few weeks, before making his escape, while on TV it was stated he had been there since he was six, suffering various abuses at the hands of Swelter, which is meant to make the viewer feel sorry for him. He is also less physically attractive in the book, with close-set red eyes and greasy hair.
Personality: A youthful outsider, beginning as a kitchen boy, who worms his way into the hierarchy of Gormenghast for his own personal gain. Ruthlessly murderous, with a Machiavellian, highly intelligent and methodical mind, and a talent for manipulation, he can appear charming and sometimes even noble. Steerpike could also be considered an archetypal Machiavellian schemer: a highly intelligent, ruthless character willing to justify any and all means to reach his end. He also has a Freudian ExcuseTM, thanks to the BBC Miniseries. Again, more on this on the Wiki.
Short biography: Steerpike first appears as a youth of seventeen years with an unclear past, working in Gormenghast's Great Kitchen under the chef Abiatha Swelter, whom he hates. On the day that Titus, 77th Earl of Gormenghast, is born Steerpike meets the chief retainer of the castle, Flay, and persuades the man to help him flee from Swelter (whom Flay loathes). From there, he rises through the castle's rigid hierarchy by various duplicitous and amoral means (mostly murders of a creative nature) over a 17 year period, driven by a thirst for power. More details on his wiki page.
In-game canon:  Now completely re-set, Steerpike has been re-introduced as his seventeen-year old self, at the onset of the series, and knows nothing of his previous doings at the Mansion. See his Wiki for recent developments in his RP canon.

Prior to his reset, a lot happened to Steepike - see the Wiki for details. He dies often, the typist lost count. His most recent involvements include a tenuous alliance with Curufin (mostcraftiest ), a power-struggle dalliance with Melisande Shahrizai (scionofkushiel ) and a very strange Stockholme/Lima Syndrome relationship with Iphigenia (ohmaiden ).

Do they smoke? (And what? How often?)
Nope! He doesn't care much for that stuff.

Drink (alcohol)?
Neither, he thinks it's a sign of weakness.

Still nope, but he would if he needed to alleviate his own pain.

What genre of movie or books do they prefer?
Machiavelli, certainly, any treatises on poison, social climbing, political negotiation, and now also black magic, dreamwalking, warlocking, etc.

What is their sexuality?
Straight, possibly with repressed homoerotic tensions that are completely impossible to tap into due to the abuse he endured as a youth. Which is something he's never mentioned to anyone. With women, when they manage to get him interested, he needs to top. He's never going to bed with another man.

Do they like animals? (Or do animals like them?)
Not particularly, but he'll pretend to like them if there's profit in such an action. Much later in canon, he has a pet monkey called Satan. No, really.

5 random facts:
  1. Absolutely despises the tast of coconut.
  2. Has an inordinate weakness for sour candy.
  3. Would like to try flying a balloon, once.
  4. When no-one is looking, he sometimes sucks on his thumb.
  5. Has a pendant hidden somewhere that might well be from his mother, whoever she is.

Steerpike is the creation of Mervin Peake, author of Titus Groan and Gormenghast. He is used for entertainment purposes only.


"I'm going to make them wish they were never born! Or at least never born where they were. Maybe they should try the kitchens next time."


" 'Glorious,' said Steerpike, 'is a dictionary word. We are all imprisoned by the dictionary. We choose out of that vast, paper-walled prison our convicts, the little black printed words, when in truth we need fresh sounds to utter, new enfranchised noises which would produce a new effect. In dead and shackled language, my dears, you are glorious, but oh, to give vent to a brand new sound that might convince you of what I really think of you, as you sit there in your purple splendor, side by side! But no, it is impossible. Life is too fleet for onomatopoeia. Dead words defy me. I can make no sound, dear ladies, that is apt.'

'You could try,' said Clarice. 'We aren't busy.'"

—Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan, p. 305 of the most common paperback edition.
alleviating his own pain, black magic, capes, dreamwalking, flying a balloon, machiavelli, not coconut, pet monkeys, political negotiation, repressed homoerotic tensions, signs of weakness, social climbing, sour candy, swordcanes, treatises on poison, warlocking


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